paris wedding videographer

courtesy of Claire Morris Photography

Meet Chris – A wedding videographer in Paris.

” I was an industrial designer in Sydney Australia when I decided to move to France and surf for a year. During the first 2 months I got bored not being creative and picked up a camera. After shooting a few little films for some surf camps over the summer I fell in love with the craft and spent an entire winter glued to Youtube and various blogs and articles. I filmed everything from a forest walk to cooking a mushroom snack, anything to learn from.

The rest is history now. I love filming weddings and not just “capturing those special moments” pfft anyone can do that. What i love to do is tell those special moments and bring those moments into the present and let all my couples loved ones and strangers alike, feell the emotion and energy of the day.

Thats what i love and will continue to strive for.”

Since founding Zen Film Works, Chris has been involved in a range of film work from documentaries, commercials and weddings throughout Paris.

Recently being asked to film with National Geographic on an acclaimed wildlife series, Chris has been able to work with some of the best cinematographers in the world.

Chris has filmed throughout Europe won multiple awards for his work and has gained vast and varied experience in film making techniques which can be applied to many different subjects and environments.

Being a wedding videographer in Paris is just so much fun. Paris has so much to offer, from all the beautify Paris landmarks to the quiet streets and cobblestone alleys, there is always hidden treasures to find.

With a Passion for life and love, Chris has devoted his passion to storytelling and capturing the emotions in his films. From a Paris wedding or elopement too a wildlife documentary in Africa, there is always a story to be told and Chris aims to capture every word and tear.

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