paris wedding videographer

courtesy of Claire Morris Photography

Meet Chris – Australian, Owner, Cinematographer, Director and Editor.

Since founding Zen Film Works, Chris has been involved in a range of film work from documentaries, commercials and weddings.

Recently being asked to film with National Geographic on an acclaimed wildlife series, Chris has been able to work with some of the best cinematographers in the world.

Chris has filmed throughout Europe won multiple awards for his work and has gained vast and varied experience in DSLR film making techniques which can be applied to many different subjects and environments.

Having filmed many very successful wedding and commercial films, Chris is still striving for ultimate perfection in his craft and will continue to do so forever.

Zen Film Works thrives on Chris’ vast and creative imagination and his love for storytelling and film making, and with his drive and creative spirit he aims to create lasting and industry leading films, from wedding films to documentaries and commercials.

With a Passion for life and love, Chris has devoted his passion to storytelling and capturing the emotions in his films. From a Paris wedding or elopement too a wildlife documentary in Africa, there is always a story to be told and Chris aims to capture every word and tear.

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