If your business or company needs to showcase a product, event or service, ZEN Film Works can create a memorable, dynamic & compelling film for your brand. The strength of film is in its power to create unforgettable images & engage viewers on a level that text & photo based marketing techniques simply can’t.  Crucial to any business with an internet presence or social media outlet, video goes beyond that of static photography, to truly engage viewers and customers. Video, as a medium of brand to customer communication, is rapidly growing due to its high viewer retention rates – absolutely vital to any online or social marketing campaign.

Some of our satisfied clients


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Roger Vivier // Bridal Collection 2018 // Haute Couture

Marie Claire // Fashion Film in Morocco // Haute Couture

Paolo Corona // Fashion Film in Morocco // Haute Couture

Sunset Sons // Band Documentary 

Paolo Corona // Fashion Film in Paris // Haute Couture

Kevin Olsen // Surfcraft Artisan

Brightlights Band // Promo film // Music Video

Chateau Les Carrasses // Commercial Film

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